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Festival coverage through the years, presented in chronological order. Those "attended" remotely via online screener are noted by *.

2012: DublinIFI HorrorthonCork
2013: Transilvania*; LocarnoVenice*; San Sebastian*; Irish Film New York*; Reel Indie*; Abu DhabiCorkEUFF*; Making Waves*
2014: Rotterdam*; Next Wave*; DublinToronto Irish*; Human Rights Watch*; Canadian*; Full Frame*; Transylvania; IndieCork

2012 Jameson Dublin International Film Festival

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"Jameson Dublin International Film Festival Preview"
—"Review: Courage"
—"Review: Chicken with Plums"
—"Review: The Vanishing of Pato"
—"Review: Breathing"
—"Review: The Raid"
—"Review: Headhunters"

2012 Irish Film Institute Horrorthon


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"IFI Horrorthon 2012: Preview"
"IFI Horrorthon 2012: Day One": Foxes; Antiviral; Room 237; Detention of the Dead.
"IFI Horrorthon 2012: Day Two": Manborg; Midnight Son; Calibre 9; Citadel; Silent Hill: Revelation; Zombie Flesh Eaters; Deep Red.
"IFI Horrorthon 2012: Day Three": V/H/S; Dracula: Prince of Darkness; American Mary; Among Friends; Tulpa.
"IFI Horrorthon 2012: Day Four": The Monster Squad; Shiver; Chained; Out There; Excision; After.
"IFI Horrorthon 2012: Day Five": shorts; Nightmare Factory; The Burning Moon; Sleep Tight.
—"Review: Antiviral"

2012 Corona Cork Film Festival

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"Cork Film Festival 2012: Preview"
"Cork Film Festival 2012: Day One": Wonder House; Hail; The Good Man; Laurence Anyways.
"Cork Film Festival 2012: Day Two": Get the Picture; Bestiaire; Pilgrim Hill; Reality.
"Cork Film Festival 2012: Day Three": Another Way Home; The Fifth Season; Tabu.

2013 Transilvania International Film Festival*

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"TIFF Romania 2013 in Review": competition round-up and awards predictions.
—"Review: I Catch a Terrible Cat"
—"Review: Breaking Horizons"
—"Review: Déjà vu"
—"Review: The Bucuresti Experiment"
—"Review: Ship of Theseus"

2013 Locarno Film Festival

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"Locarno Film Festival: Dispatch One": 2 Guns; The Dirties; Christopher Lee; What Now? Remind Me; By the River; The Human Variable; Wrong Cops.
"Locarno Film Festival: Dispatch Two": Exhibition; Gare du Nord; Our Sunhi; When Evening Falls on Bucharest or Metabolism; Barbaric Land; Short Term 12; Gabrielle.
"Locarno Film Festival: Dispatch Three": Story of My Death; Human Geography; The Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears; The Stone; Sangue; Douglas Trumbull; Distant; Coast of Death.
"Locarno Film Festival: Dispatch Four": RealIf I Were a Thief... I'd Steal; "Dare to Be Weird" shorts; "Why Film Critics Still Matter" panel; Roxanne; The Special Need; The Green Years; Abel Ferrara; 2001: A Space Odyssey; It Should Happen to You; Mouton.
—"Report: Douglas Trumbull Masterclass"
—"Review: Exhibition"
—"Review: Wrong Cops"
—"Review: Our Sunhi"
—"Review: The Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears"
—"Review: Distant"
—"Review: Short Term 12"
—"Review: Real"
—"Review: The Dirties"

Film Ireland
"Report: Locarno Film Festival": post-awards overview of the competition and other strands.

Pardo Live
—"Report: Short Term 12 Press Conference"

—"Egoism and Eternity in What Now? Remind Me and The Dirties"
—"We Had a Good Run: The Festival Fete for Paolo Rocha"

—"Blurred Lines: Claire Simon's 'Gare du Nord' and 'Human Geography' Challenge the Boundaries Between Fiction and Doc"
—"Corneliu's Comic Catharsis: 'When Evening Falls on Bucharest' Looks Back With Laughter"

2013 Venice Film Festival*

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—"Review: Pine Ridge"

2013 San Sebastian Film Festival*

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—"Review: Puppy Love"

2013 Irish Film New York Film Festival*

—"Why You Need to Start Paying Attention to Irish Cinema"

2013 Reel Indie Film Festival*

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—"Review: A Little Bit Country"
—"Review: Musicwood"
—"Review: Necronomica"

2013 Abu Dhabi Film Festival

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—"Abu Dhabi Film Festival: Dispatch One": Life of Crime; Cairo Drive; Before Snowfall; Djinn; Pyaasa; My Secret Revolution; Giraffada; Omar Gatlato.
—"Abu Dhabi Film Festival: Dispatch Two": international shorts; For Those Who Can Tell No Tales; Underexposure; Emirates Film Competition; Rags and Tatters; Jealousy; Bastardo; Still Life.
—"Abu Dhabi Film Festival: Dispatch Three": Dreams of the City; Ida; Siddharth; Peace After Marriage; The Vagabonds.
—"Review: Life of Crime"
—"Review: Still Life"

—"Review: Why is Tobe Hooper's Djinn, the first UAE-produced horror film, such a terrible movie?"
—"Palestinian Actress/Filmmaker Hiam Abbass Talks Politics and Integrity at Abu Dhabi Film Festival"
—"How the Arab Spring Changed the Arab Screen and Why You Need to Start Paying Attention"

2013 Cork Film Festival

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—"Cork Film Festival 2013: Diary One": Mechanic; Nebraska; India Blues; The Man Who Fell to Earth; The Punk Syndrome.
—"Cork Film Festival 2013: Diary Two": Halley; Bad Timing; Vic + Flo Saw a Bear; XL; Sunday Morning; Dark Touch.
—"Cork Film Festival 2013: Diary Three": Kid; Eureka; ¡Vivan las Antipodas!; Devil in the Room; All Is Lost.
—"Cork Film Festival 2013: Diary Four": Nothing Bad Can Happen; Walkabout; Who Is Dayani Cristal?; Getting On; Night Train to Lisbon.
—"Cork Film Festival 2013: Diary Five": In the Name of...; Sarah Prefers to Run; Tom at the Farm; A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness.
—"Review: Halley"
—"Review: Kid"
—"Review: Tom at the Farm"

2013 European Union Film Festival*

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—"Review: Reflections in the Emerald Isle"
—"Review: Natural Grace"

2013 Making Waves Romanian Film Festival*

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—"Making Waves: The Short Films of Corneliu Porumboiu"
—"Review: 12:08 East of Bucharest"
—"Review: Police, Adjective"
—"Review: When Evening Falls on Bucharest or Metabolism"

2014 Rotterdam International Film Festival*

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—"Review: Shattering Shadow"

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"Review: Leap 4 Your Life"
"Review: For No Eyes Only"

2014 Jameson Dublin International Film Festival

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"Review: Miss Violence"
"Review: It's All So Quiet"
"Review: Blue Ruin"
"Review: Standing Aside, Watching"
"Review: Love Eternal"
"Review: Out of Here"

—"Why Greek Cinema Is Invading Ireland"

2014 Toronto Irish Film Festival*

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—"Review: The Irish Pub"
"Review: Shorts programme"

2014 Human Rights Watch Film Festival*

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—"Review: In the Shadow of the Sun"

2014 Canadian Film Festival*

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—"Review: Patch Town"
—"Review: The Birder"

2014 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival*

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—"Short capsules: Buffalo Dreams, Monk by Blood, Hacked Circuit, Fairytale of the Three Bears"
—"Review: Apollonian Story"
—"Review: Flowers from the Mount of Olives"

2014 Transylvania International Film Festival

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—"TIFF Romania: Diary One"
—"TIFF Romania: Diary Two"
—"Review: Vis-à-Vis"
—"Review: Floating Skyscrapers"
—"Review: Blind"
—"Review: Fish & Cat"
—"Review: I'm an Old Communist Hag"
—"Review: Quod Erat Demonstrandum"
—"Review: Stockholm"
—"Review: Viktoria"
—"Review: The Crypt"
—"Review: Poarta Alba"
plus program selections previously covered: Stranger by the Lake; Tom at the Farm; Love Eternal; Pine Ridge; Big Bad Wolves; A Touch of Sin; Siddharth; Ida; Nothing Bad Can Happen; Blue Ruin; Calvary; Story of My Death; Patch Town; What Richard Did; What Now? Remind Me; Cockneys vs Zombies; Men at Lunch; Still Life; Roxanne; Europa Report.

2014 IndieCork Film Festival

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—"IndieCork: Dispatch 1"
plus program selections previously covered: Ida.